Pinhole® Gum Rejuvenation in Asheville

Do receding gumlines leave you looking “long in the teeth?” Exposed root surfaces can lead to heightened tooth sensitivity, an increase in decay, and aesthetic challenges.

Woman covering her mouth and looking for Pinhole® Gum RejuvenationUntil now, the only option available was performing a surgical gingival graft to cover the exposed tooth. Grafts can sometimes prove to be very uncomfortable and not always successful. Thanks to the recent development of a new procedure called Pinhole® Gum Rejuvenation, you can use existing healthy tissues to cover the tooth around them without an invasive process.

With Pinhole® you enjoy:

  • No sutures
  • No surgery
  • Immediate results
  • Improved appearance and health
  • Fast healing

Guidance From the Nation’s Best

One of the things that our Asheville Smiles patients know about Dr. Kani is how dedicated she is to ongoing professional education. She completed her training on the Pinhole® Surgical Technique with the creator of the procedure himself, Dr. John Chao.

Dr. Chao developed the Pinhole® technique as an alternative to conventional oral surgery practices. The minimally-invasive procedure is far more comfortable to complete and promises a rapid recovery time.

How Does Pinhole® Treatment Work?

Dr. Kani uses a very small tool to create a pin-sized hole in neighboring gum tissue. It’s gently loosened and stretched like a blanket over the exposed tooth. Then, small strips of collagen are put in place to create a bond between the repositioned tissue and your tooth. Depending on how many areas of recession need to be addressed, your entire mouth can be treated in as little as two appointments.

An Alternative to Oral Surgery

If you’ve been told that you need to have a gum graft because of aggressive tooth brushing, existing gum disease, or other reasons, ask if Pinhole® treatments are right for you. Dr. Kani is happy to evaluate your situation and provide guidance based on your concerns. Call us today.

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