Asheville Cosmetic Dentistry and Same Day Smiles

A gorgeous smile is something that you’ll feel great about showing off. Dr. Rebekkah Merrell is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. She has trained under some of the leading cosmetic dentists in the industry. Each smile makeover is customized to the unique concerns, needs, and budget of our patients. In many cases, we combine various techniques to deliver the best aesthetic results. We offer Invisalign, Lumineers, Veneers, and Cosmetic Bonding to help improve your smile. Sometimes, we can even complete your smile makeover in a single appointment.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a less expensive alternative for correcting minor flaws in teeth. This straightforward procedure is relatively easy to perform and delivers immediate results. You may want to request bonding if you have a tooth that is chipped, uneven, or teeth with a small gap between them. Erasing minor irregularities can provide drastic, positive changes in your appearance. Ask us what bonding can do for you!

Laser Gum Recontouring

An uneven gumline can make your teeth look shorter than they really are. Excess tissues can make your smile appear “gummy” or unhealthy. Using a soft tissue laser, Dr. Merrell can recreate healthy gumline margins that beautifully frame your smile.

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

Our two hour, Zoom Teeth Whitening in-house bleaching procedure is the fastest and most effective way to achieve whiter teeth. As soon as your treatment is complete, you’ll have a dramatically brighter smile. Each of our patients receives a high-quality take home tray to maintain their whitening results for years to come.